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“In over 30 years of practicing medicine, i have never seen a product work as well as Omega 48” – Dr Joe P, Sarasota FL

I have had some excellent results with some of my patients. I recommended Omega 48 to a few diabetic patients which in the mean time gave very favorable feedback. Most of them struggle to control diabetes with their current medication and after using Omega Herbal 48, they not only feel a lot better, but Glucose control is stable between 5-6 ml!. One patient came down already 10 Units of Insulin during her day time regime. I do have the occasional high reading when the diet is not compliant but much less than ever before.

Dr. Leon Nel,

Johannesburg, South Africa


What are Omega Herbal Products?

Omega Herbal products are taken by everyone who can benefit from a stronger immune system and slightly alkaline pH levels. Our customers includes competitive athletes looking to maximize their strength and endurance, combat fitness enthusiasts, housewives who want to keep their husband and kids as healthy as possible and hard working business owners and employees who don’t like to take sick days.

Our products were not designed to fight disease and sickness, they were designed to boost the bodies innate healing ability and support a healthy immune system. We use cutting edge nanotechnology to deliver 84 minerals, nutrients, electrolytes, essential oils & plant extracts directly to every hungry or damaged cell in your body in 30 minutes or less.

Omega Herbal Products are specially formulated Nano Encapsulated Essential oils & phyto-extracts. These ingredients have a history of being Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Fungal. Our most popular product Omega Herbal 48 was designed to assist the bodies Innate Healing Abilities. It has a combination of oils mixed with Micro and Macro nutrients, that naturally balance pH levels and assist the immune system.

What is Omega 48?

Omega 48 is an immune support product design to boost the body’s innate healing ability. Dr Lorain Day from Berkley University states “ The body was designed to heal it’s self, all we have to do is provide it with the right tools to get the job done” Omega 48 is exactly that, a blend of the right tools to get the job done.

Omega 48 contains essential Oils such as Cinnamon, Mint, Peppermint, Neem, Oregano, Garlic, Lemongrass and Coconut to name a few. These oils give Omega 48 a strong and bitter flavor. Within minutes of taking your first shot of Omega 48 you will feel it beginning to work in your body, like nothing you have ever taken before. Your chest begins to open up, your breathing becomes easier, you will sleep better at night, and your body will begin to feel cleaner and your mind more alert. The reason this product works so well is because it wasn’t designed to target an ailment, it was designed to give your body some much needed support in it’s fight against Dis-ease in the body. It promotes harmony by raising your vibrational frequency. At Omega Herbal Products we believe that disharmony is the beginning of dis-ease in the body. Return to balance and your health will naturally increase.

Some side effects may occur when you first start taking Omega 48 such as mild headaches, some joint aches and perhaps some diarrhea. These are all normal signs of your body starting to clean it’s self out. Omega 48 should be taken 3 times a day for a period of 3-4 weeks or 3 consecutive bottles. After this you can reduce the amount to 1 serving per day to keep your body healthy and clean. A good way to see if Omega 48 is working for you is to have your blood looked at under a microscope by a blood specialist before taking Omega 48. Have it checked again after your 3 bottles and see the remarkable difference.

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